About Dr. Frazier

Dr Jeff Frazier was born and raised in San Jose where he grew up in a loving family. He has been fascinated with animals since he was a young boy and always had a way with them. At 13, he began training and riding horses. Jeff attended Santa Clara University for his undergraduate studies where he majored in bio-med and minored in chemistry. He graduated with honors. As a result, Jeff was accepted into the UC Davis class of 2012 for their rigorous and well-known veterinary program.

Dr Frazier has worked in the Bay Area for the past eight years. He has a strong surgical interest and a passion for preventative care and chronic disease management. Dr Jeff excels at evaluating difficult chronic cases and putting together treatment and case management plans. He has treated many pets with diabetes, kidney disease, hyperthyroidism, Cushing’s disease, Addison’s disease and more. He ensures chronic care patients lead high quality lives. He has also performed many diverse surgical procedures and is a great resource to consult with. 

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When he’s not taking care of our furry friends, Dr Frazier enjoys working as a studio musician, recording and performing music for himself and other artists. 

Dr Frazier also volunteers his time to local non-profits. Firstly, he is the lead veterinarian for PALS East Bay nonprofit which offers free vaccination clinics monthly for those who have fallen on hard times. Secondly, he is the on call veterinarian for City Grazing, a San Francisco-based goat landscaping non-profit organization.

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