COVID Considerations

Frazier Mobile remains fully operational during the ongoing pandemic.  We are taking every precaution to help pet parents stay safe while also keeping pets healthy by following CDC guidelines and recommendations as they evolve. Our staff is fully vaccinated and is happy to bring masks upon request. Please text, call or email to schedule an appointment if your pet needs medical care.

Finding a veterinarian near you has never been easier.
Get high quality veterinary care from the comfort of home.

Pets communicate with us in their own ways, but they can’t ever tell us exactly what they are experiencing. Because of this, a huge part of veterinary medicine is working to decode your pet’s behavior, to try to understand what they’re going through. Your pet is going to be their most natural self at home. This is ideal for veterinary medicine so we can assess and most accurately identify clinical symptoms in your pet’s natural environment. In a brick and mortar vet clinic, pets tend to become anxious and behave differently than they would at home. Therefore, impacting the quality of care we’re able to provide. A mobile house call can greatly reduce the likelihood of pets experiencing fear associated with a clinic which leads to higher quality health care. Let us show you how great at home personalized veterinary care can be. Sweatpants are both accepted and encouraged!

Who We Are

We want veterinary care to be conveniently available to everyone. By bringing pet care to your home, work, daycare (or almost anywhere else), we make taking care of furry family members easy. Especially during the current COVID-19 pandemic where clinic wait times can be daunting and you’re not able to join your pet in the exam room; being home ensures face time with the Vet and a more comfortable experience for you both. Let’s face it, life is chaotic and it’s not easy keeping up with the endless to do list. Let us help.

Who We Treat

We treat kittens, puppies, cats and dogs of all ages, breeds, and sizes.

What We Do

Our knowledgeable staff share one passion and priority: the very best treatment for the animals we work with. From wellness and preventative care, to sick visits and chronic disease management, we’re here to help you every step of the way.

Hours of Operation

Appointments are currently offered Wednesday through Friday during business hours. Technician appiontments are available on an ad hoc basis and after hours appointments are offered case by case. If you have an emergency, or a medical concern that needs prompt attention outside of our business hours, please contact your nearest emergency clinic.

Where We Service

Below is an outline of our general service area. If you are located outside of our service area and are in the Bay, you may still be able to book an appointment with an additional travel fee depending on availability. Please contact us directly for more details.

There are a lot of veterinary services that can be provided at home that many aren’t aware of. Some of these services include:

Wellness Exams

Sick Visits

Telemed and Consultations


Medication Administration

Chronic Condition Management

Blood Work

Urine Testing

Fecal Samples

Fine Needle Aspirate of Masses

Skin Scrapes

End of Life Care

In addition to our veterinary care offerings, we also provide select grooming services during our at home appointments. Our most popular service options include:

Ear Cleaning

Nail Trims

Anal Gland Expression

Medical clip and clean including mat removal

Dr. Jeff Frazier, DVM

Dr. Jeff Frazier has been in practice since 2012. He has a strong passion for delivering high quality veterinary care to clients who love their pets. Dr. Frazier excels at analyzing difficult chronic cases and putting together treatment and case management plans. He has treated many pets with diabetes, kidney disease, hyperthyroidism, Cushing’s disease, Addison’s disease and more. As a result, he ensures chronic care patients lead high quality lives. Dr. Jeff is also an advocate for preventative care and wellness. He has performed several diverse surgical procedures and is a great resource to consult with if you need to create a wholistic medical or specialty care plan for your pet.  Check out Dr. Frazier on Google or Yelp!

Dr. Frazier is the lead Veterinarian for PALS East Bay, an amazing non-profit animal organization in the east bay.

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Non-Profit Orgainzations we Support in our Community

PALS East Bay

PALS East Bay –  People, Animals, Love and Support – is a nonprofit organization which provides veterinary services and care to low income pet parents throughout the East Bay.

PALS proudly provides homeless encampments and curbside communities in and around Oakland with quality care and support for both people and animals. They provide monthly free vaccine clinics for dogs and cats in need. Their generous giving and amazing outreach to those most at risk and in need is truly inspiring. PALS supports our community in a way no other organization could.

PALS is always accepting donations which are distributed directly to animals and caregivers in need. They are happy to accept and distribute pet food donations as well. Please contact PALS if you are interested in learning more about donating to their truly humbling cause.